It is my intention to present - through the medium of photography, intuitive observations of the natural world which may have meaning to the spectators.  ~Ansel Adams

LIvIng the Dream

Taking a photo is like capturing a moment in time that means something to you and getting the pleasure of sharing it with others.  Think of  those times when you have a special memory you want to share with someone but you just can't find the words to describe what the experience was like. You just can't find a way to describe the emotions you felt when the moment was happening to you. For a photographer or at least for me taking pictures of nature I try really hard to express in my photos what I was feeling when I was in the moment. Being around nature is relaxing, healing, a break from real life. I feel many emotions when I go out on a photography excursion. Excitement when I see a rare moment like capturing deer, a black bear with her cubs or a bald eagle in it's nest. Adrenaline when a storm is moving in and the sky is black and the clouds are rolling and swirling in angry motions, joy when capturing close ups of beautiful blooms or raindrops on leaves.. I could go on and on. It brings me much joy, I absolutely LOVE to photograph the World of Wonder that surrounds us no matter what season it is. This wonderful country allows so much diversity with having four beautiful seasons to capture. Join me as I explore the endless wonder that surrounds us and allow yourself to escape the everyday routine and experience a journey of peace and relaxation. Maybe something you see will trigger a pleasant memory of your own!

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